Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cleaning up Before the Maid Comes Over

I don't have a maid. But if I did, she would be useless, because I would clean the place spotless before she got there. I mean, do I really want her to see how dusty and doghair-y and dirty clothes-y my house really is? NO WAY. I want her to come and say, "My goodness, what a neatnik... she hardly needs me at all!"

The reason I bring this up is because this behavior of mine crosses over into many aspects of my life, including my writing. I recently was lucky enough to win a 3-chapter editing job (thank you Justine Dell and Candice!), and true to form, I am cleaning the dang house before the maid gets there. I can't help myself!!

Do you do this too? Madly editing before you're supposed to show it to someone? Or are you of the school that says, "why should I clean the house, that's what I paying for"?
(or winning contests for, as the case may be)

Just wondering.......

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come see me, why dontcha?

So, hubby Matt decided over the summer that it was time to open his own art gallery, which should be a great help to my 'Art that Makes Me Wanna Write a Book" posts! As you can probably guess, the gallery is focused solely on the Japanese artists he has developed ties with over the last several years.

If you live in Portland, come swing by and see me tonight, at the gallery! He is having a soft opening this month, with pieces from a wide range of his artists (December will be the grand opening, with a show of all new works).
So if you're out and about for the First Thursday art walk in the Pearl, come on by Hellion Gallery! We're at 323 NW 6th, between Everett and Flanders.

And no, I'm totally not getting any writing done tonight....oh well, I'm being inspired by art instead!