Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Post # 1, This is Post # 1, Isn't This a Lot of Fun...

Well, yes and no. I do like technology, I really do, but sometimes I am certain computers are hiding things that card catalogues never would have. I am also certain Facebook is a time-sucking vampire, so I currently have 43 friend requests that have gone unanswered, and I don't even remember what my password is. Twitter? Puhlease, not a Luddite like me.

And yet, I now have a blog, not because I think anyone would be interested in the five posts I'll probably get around to in a year, but because of Nathan Bransford (one of these days I'll figure out how to embed a link in this thing). His blog is a thing of beauty, and I couldn't resist its siren call any longer. I highly recommend reading it, particularly if you are a writer.

Speaking of writing, I ought to be doing it now. I am in the process of the final rewrite on my first novel, and hope to be finished around Christmas.....ish. It is YA fiction, or more precisely, young adult historical fantasy fiction set in an alternate feudal Japan (what a mouthful!). For a first effort, it was incredibly encouraging to be awarded a fellowhip in YA literature from Oregon Literary Arts, and it keeps me motivated on those slow days. Before this rewrite, I also queried about eight literary agents, and was pleasantly surprised to receive partial/full requests and very complimentary letters from several of the agents. Unfortunately, none felt it was quite the project for them yet, but they took the time to write detailed explanations of what they'd like to see worked on, and asked me to keep them in mind in the future. Very encouraging indeed for a debut writer like me!
I'll keep the blog posted with my progress, but for now, its time to go do some actual writing... you know, so I have something to blog about later!

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