Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafty Wonderland

Yep, in my other life- the one that makes all the money- I have been working 18 hour days. Today was actually a 21 hour day (in at 6am, back home at 3am), because I had to finish up everything for the giant craft show I'll be taking part in over the weekend.
In case you wondered, jewelers have no life and get very little sleep this time of year...and since that means no time to write,of course I'm dying to crack open the computer! It's a bit like shopping-- when I have no money, I want everything in the store, but when I'm flush, nothing interests me.

So anyway, if you live in Portland or are visiting Portland, come by the Convention Center, Hall C, from 11-5 Saturday and Sunday for the CRAFTY WONDERLAND! My booth will be in the far corner. You can see me in my 'other life', and give me crap about being such a slacker on my writing ;-)


yokohamamama said...

Me first! I wish I could come and see... :-(( I wouldn't give you any crap, though, because I know just how insanely busy you are. 21hours?!?! Holy cow, girl--get some sleep! (btw--egrets and herons up on field notes--not that you have time to be lookin';-))

Ezmirelda said...

Hey Anne! How are you doing lately? I was just looking at a very old blog post where you said you were going to read one of the books I recommended--it's called Iron Queen. What did you think of the book? ;)

oh, and thanks for telling me about your sister's blog! It's so awesome! Thanks to her I know so much more about Japanese culture than before. My aunt also lives in Japan but we don't contact each other as much except for during the holidays. I think she's sending me a bag of Japanese treats and accessories for Christmas this year. :)

yokohamamama said...

Hey--you *have* to come over and check out the GodJesus! I put it up just for you, sweetie! :-)) You vill luff it dahling!!

Jon Paul said...

Happy Holidays! And thanks for being so groovy!