Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Crackers Kill My Life!

Sorry, that should be, "Ze crackers, zey keeeeeel my life!"

I just heard this from a chef on a Food Network show, and I think it's easy to see why I find it so hilarious. Isn't it? Or maybe it is because I just know this relates to me somehow... I promise to explain tomorrow when I've had a chance to figure it out!

It just has to be my new motto, or my new battle cry, or something. As soon as I figure out what it means :-)

update #1: the chef who said it won the competition, so apparently the crackers did NOT kill her life!

UPDATE #2: So, I figured out why this funny little phrase resonated so much with me. Lately I have been very frustrated with so many things: the slow editing process, my burning desire to send the queries out even though I'm not done editing, the looooooonnnnng hours at work, the demanding customers I deal with all day long, and not enough hours in the day to get my 'work' done, let alone my writing.
All this frustration just seems perfectly summed up by 'Ze Crackers, zey keeeel my life!!' Every time I said it today it made me feel better :-)


Ryan Hines said...

I just watched this and CRACKED UP! I googled the phrase then got to your blog. :D

FOXY said...

I also googled the quote and found your blog.
This quote is beautiful. I wish I could video of it online.