Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Five Ways To Distract Ann From Writing:

One: Let her near an internet connection. She can't stop herself from checking everyone's blogs, then checking political news, then-- oh my, she can't forget her email! And before you know it, it is 10PM, when Ann turns into a pumpkin and heads for the nearest pillow.

Two: Tell her she never goes out, and it is so-and-so's birthday or this person is leaving town, or that person just got back into town. She is always feeling guilty about these sorts of things, so this is a good tactic, and one her husband employs regularly.

Three: Start watching a so-so new TV show, then shout, "Ann, get down here! The guy on this so-so new TV show who used to be on Firefly just dressed up for Halloween as his Firefly character-- it's AWESOME!!" Actually, just mention Firefly and she'll come peeking around the corner to see what you're talking about.

Four: Take her to Japan. Oh sure, she'll lug that laptop all the way there every time, but she'll never type a word. She'll check her email once if she's lucky.

Five: The Internet. Did I say that already? That's because it counts twice, it distracts her so much.


Southpaw said...

Oh, I have those same distractions. I too was distracted by the Halloween episode of which you speak. I laugh myself silly. "Didn't you were that costume like five years ago". And I must confess if someone took me to Japan I wouldn't even think of bringing a laptop.

ann foxlee said...

Ha! I know I still laugh just thinking about that episode!

I go to Japan once or twice a year because my sister (and her family) live there, and my hubby goes 3 or 4 times a year for work. He is an art curator, so we're always going out to eat and have fun with the artists. It is incredibly fun, but not that productive. I keep thinking the newness of Tokyo will wear off wenough for me to get some writing done, but then someone calls and says, "hey, come to our party under the cherry blossoms in Kichijoji park!"
What's a girl to do? Yup, leave the laptop off and drink Shochu under the cherry blossoms and practice my broken Japanese :-)
Hey, that counts as research for my book right? I mean, it IS set in a fantasy version of Japan!

yokohamamama said...

And when you come to Japan, you can come see your sis and sit up till 3 in the morning gabbing as fast as your mouth will go, and still not get everything said...:))
love ya-a.