Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Saturday Feature... with CONTEST!!

This is it! My spectacular new saturday feature called "Art That Makes Me Wanna Write a Book". Spectacular, no?

Ok... how about if I add three awesome pieces of art instead of just one? I mean, I know I blew the surprise a little by putting up a preview on thursday, but still, it IS the first official post...

Oh alright, I'll throw in a contest too. Sheesh. NOW it's made of spectacular.

Contest Rules:
1. contest begins now and ends 8AM Pacific, next Saturday.
2. to enter, you have to add a comment on this post.
3. adding a comment on this post= 1 entry
4. being or becoming one of my followers= 2 more entries
5. mentioning and posting a link to this contest on your blog=
3 more entries
6.getting someone else to comment that they followed your
link here=
4 more entries for you, 2 more for them

Wait, now it's starting to sound like a pyramid scheme! Anyway, I'll close the contest 8AM next Saturday and then at 9AM I'll draw the winner's name from a hat, and announce it along with the satuday feature!

I bet you're wondering by now just what it is the winner wins... See the three art pieces at right? Well the winner gets their choice-- in a print, not the original. When I get published, I'll do a contest with originals to celebrate. Until then, prints!

So now, on to the art!
As I said on thursday's post, I tend to stare at certain art pieces over and over, and I finally realized that it's not just because they're well-made, but because they spark something in my own imagination.

The piece at the top of the post is called "The Journey" by Jen Lobo. The original oil painting is stunning, with incredible depth, not to mention that the wheels are shiny and golden! Every time I look at this, I start daydreaming about Gypsies or circus caravans...except now thanks to Southpaw, I'm worried about what those butterflies are doing. Still, I'm taken with that rhino!
The middle piece is one more by Japanese artist Kana Ohtsuki, and now it seems I can't stop finding pieces with butterflies in strange predicaments... what's going on there? I must have a subconcious desire to write a book with a butterfly villain that Must.Be.Stopped.
The last piece is by another Japanese artist, Ren Sakurai , who also happens to be an insanely talented tattoo artist right here in Portland. My ankle is now very pretty thanks to him! Anyway, his piece titled "Red Dress" (which has no butterflies!) sends me straight into a steampunk type of story. Even though I know it grew from Ren's love of old military stuff, I still look at that dress and the belt around her waist, and suddenly I'm jotting down notes for a steampunk novel!

Which one is your favorite? What stories do you want to write now?


Valerie Geary said...

I'll have you know that the rhino picture has inspired me to write a short story. I will be working on it next week... working title right now: "Ghost's Rhino". And it is going to be fan-freaking-tastic. So... your diabolical plan to inspire everyone to write more is working!! Thank you! :)
Also ... I'm a follower... so now I have 2 entries (or 3??). And I will be pimping your blog on Tuesday. So that'll be 3 (or 6??).
Also since I was inspired to actually write a story from the posted photos... I should just win the whole kit and kaboodle. :P

ann foxlee said...

Once you pimp my contest, you'll have 6 entries! (and if anyone comments here that they found me through your blog, you'll have 10!)
SO cool that the pics were inspiring to you too-- and maybe I'll have to amend the contest to at least add more entries for writing a piece based on the art!

Shelli said...

I love the middle one! gorgeous!

Lily Cate said...

I love the last one, because she reminds me of a character in my MG steampunk.
But it's the rhino that makes me want to write about how he got there, and where he's going!

Southpaw said...

Hey, is that girl in the middle eating a butterfly? Is she saving the other gal by eating the evil butterflies? What kind of creature (that looks human) could eat an evil butterfly?

Beautiful art!

Lisa and Laura said...

I love the rhino. I think there's so many directions this painting could help me go!

Stephanie Thornton said...

I love that last one, but the rhino one is awesome too.

Thanks for following my blog!

This is a great contest- I love art!

Heather Kelly said...

The first two are haunting me right now. Unexpected. And I want a magnifying glass to see what is in the pockets of the third print's girl.

I'm here from Valerie's post, so I'm kicking some points to her. This is fun.

ann foxlee said...

You can click on the print and it opens up a bit larger, but I can tell you she has grenades in her pockets :-)

And she's dropping shotgun shells from her hand. Muwaahaahaaa

Kasie West said...

I love the middle piece. There's just something about it that makes me want to know who she is. Great contest. :)

gretchen said...

I'm not so much a writer as a 'maker' ...the last print has me wanting to try my hand at making some kind of soft leather utility bag/belt to use in place of a purse.