Monday, January 11, 2010

Yeeehaaaww!! Contest Round-Up

Not sure what has gotten into all of us, but there seems to be Contest Fever going around, and even I caught it on Saturday .

For those of you who haven't caught it yet, your luck just ran out!
Remember when we we little, and a friend came down with chicken pox, and our moms were suddenly very interested in having us go hang out with the pox-y friend?

Well this is just like that.

I care about you, I really do, and I know it's better to catch this thing while it's going around-- it only gets worse if you wait until you're older! I swear, get it over with now, or you'll end up on that Hoarders show, surrounded by stacks of publisher clearing house entry forms...

So enter as many of these contests as you can, and save yourself an ignoble fate.

First up, my Art That Makes Me Wanna Write a Book contest, wherein you have a chance to win a lovely art print for doing something as simple as one comment.

Next, Shannon Messenger has an awesome contest going where you can win 3 signed Lisa Schroeder books, and as a bonus, she will be interviewing Lisa this week too!

Steph Bowe (a YA novelist and real live teenager whose debut book comes out in September!) is running a contest that offers a "first five pages" critique. She's picking at least 5 winners!

Shelli from Market My Words is running a De-lurking Contest and as part of the Comment Challenge going on this month, if you both comment and become one of her followers (or, de-lurking, as Shelli calls it!), she'll put you in a drawing for an author marketing book.

Don't forget Kasie West's First Contest ! A totally hilarious and fun contest where you come up with a good Faerie T-shirt idea, and you can win your choice of the joke t-shirts she has posted. Or if your inner comic just isn't coming through, she'll be randomly drawing a second winner out of the commenters/followers.

NEW ! It looks like the Fever has spread to Carla Gade from Writing to Distraction , where she has started a monthly contest, "A picture worth 1000 words" with a photo as a writing prompt.

Sadly, I missed Natalie Whipple's fun contest to write a story based on one of her drawings, and I also missed Nathan Bransford's contest for The Secret Year, where everyone wrote teenage diary entries....

but anyway, enter plenty, and good luck! that a pox spot I see on your stomach?


Tiana Lei said...

What a great idea to have a contest round up! Sometimes it seems like there are so many goin on, and I never know where to look. I was going to become a follower on your blog, but I could not find your Follower section :( Great blog!

ann foxlee said...

Try the follow button at the top, and in the meantime, I'll update the side bar :-)

Lisa and Laura said...

Thanks for the list. I love contests!

Southpaw said...

There is a "1000 Words Writing Prompt & Giveaway" over at Carla Gade's blog. You write a short-short story based on a picture she has posted.

The first prompt is here:

ann foxlee said...

Ooh, thanks Southpaw! I'll add it to my round-up!

Kasie West said...

I think you're right, there must be something in the air. Thanks for posting my contest, I'll have to check out the others as well.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I hopped over here from Stephanie's Hatshepsut blog. If Steph loves you, I love you too! Thanks for the collection of contest links! :-)

Kate said...

A contest round up is a great idea!

Kate x