Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ahhhh..... Christmas at last!

After one last rush to finish a pretty sapphire engagement ring for a friend, I am officially done with the x-mas work season! Now I can catch up on episodes of Ghost Hunters while I lounge in my PJ's for the next three days :-) Although I'll probably have to put clothes on at some point Saturday because I just fandango'd myself some tickets to see Avatar in 3D. I know its plot could be a bit cliche, but after seeing Coraline in 3D, I've become a sucker for anything filmed that way!

So, today we're grocery shopping, tonight is dinner at a friend's house, and tomorrow we're cooking a duck and a beef tenderloin for a party at our place. Wait, that means I have to get out of my PJ's all three days! Dang...

Well, at the very least, I won't get out of my zebra Snuggie!!

Happy Holidays to everybody, and happy writing to us all :-)


Lily Cate said...

Hi Ann!
Thanks for stopping by!
Today is my first day back on the laptop since Christmas Eve Eve. Whew!
Even with all the extra work this time of year, I still don't feel like I've done anything in a day unless I've written something!

ann foxlee said...

I know what you mean!! Sure I got all my 'work' done, but what does that matter when I didn't get any writing done!
Ugh, it feels like a whole month of wasted time... but I'm making up for it now :-)